High Performance Master Class Series

The High Performance Master Class Series is a daily high-level intensive training session for competitive skaters to prepare for excellence at their summer competitions. This series will feature a 2-hour on-ice group class covering technique, exercises, and drills to improve the athlete’s skating skills, jumps, and spins.

Discussions will include IJS scoring and potential ways to maximize points through base values, quality, and execution.

Master Class Series Details

Class Schedule & Curriculum

Monday, June 24 - Friday, June 28

  • 12:30-1:00pm: Skating Skills and Program Component Training
  • 1:00-2:00pm: Jumps (Doubles and Triples / Combos / Jump Exercises)
  • 2:00-2:30pm: Spins (IJS focus on Levels of Difficulty and Grade of Execution)
  • $60 per day includes 2 hours ice time fee and group class instruction
    • $120 = 2 days
    • $180 = 3 days
    • $240 = 4 days
    • $300 = 5 days
Competitive Levels
  • Senior, Junior, Novice (Triple Jump Mastery / Combos / 3A / Quads)
  • Intermediate, Juvenile (Double Axel and Triple Jumps)
  • Pre-Juvenile, Preliminary, Pre-Preliminary (Double Jumps)
Class Size / Maximum Capacity
  • Each class will be capped at 10 skaters per instructor, allowing for space on the ice and quality instruction specific to each skater’s level.
  • Be sure to register early as once we sell out we will not allow more skaters to register!

Camp Instructors

2023 US Figure Skating Developmental Coaching Team of the Year

  • Chris Pottenger
  • Anthony Evans
  • Russ Scott

Chris Pottenger was a 2-time USFS National Champion, 6-time USFS National Medalist; 4-time Team USA International Champion; 2-time ISU Junior Grand Prix Final Competitor; and 6 Years Team USA International Competitor. He holds a B.A. degree from the University of Delaware, graduating Magna Cum Laude, and is a Master Rated Coach by the Professional Skater’s Association. He is a Certified National level IJS Technical Specialist.

Anthony Evans was a USFS National Medalist and Double Gold USFS Test Medalist. He holds a B.S. degree in Psychology from Fort Hays State University and is a Rated Coach by the Professional Skater’s Association.

Russ Scott was a USFS National Championships competitor in Singles and Pairs. He holds a B.S. degree from Emory University and is a Master Rated Coach by the Professional Skater’s Association. He is a Certified National level IJS Technical Specialist. He was the primary coach and choreographer of 2005 PSA EDI Award for Best Performance at the USFS National Championships Senior Men’s Event and taught at the ISU World Championships.

Together as a team, Chris, Anthony, and Russ have taught multiple National and International Medalists and won the prestigious award of “2023 Developmental Coach of the Year” from US Figure Skating. Some of their recent skater’s accomplishments include:

  • Sherry Zhang: 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games silver medalist in the Team Event, 2024 ISU World Junior Championships competitor, 2023 ISU Junior Grand Prix bronze medalist (Armenia), Team USA
  • Soho Lee: 2023 US National Champion in Junior Women; 2023 ISU World Junior Championships competitor; 2022 ISU Junior Grand Prix silver medalist (Latvia), Team USA
  • Cleo Park: 2024 US National bronze medalist in Junior Women; 2023 ISU Tayside Trophy Champion in Junior Women; 2023 ISU Mexico Cup Champion in Advanced Novice Women, Team USA
  • Annika Chao: 2024 and 2023 US National Championships competitor in Junior Women; 2023 ISU Junior Grand Prix Competitor (Thailand); 2023 ISU Mexico Cup Silver Medalist in Advance Novice Women, Team USA
  • Katie Shen: 2022 US National pewter medalist in Junior Women; 2022 ISU Challenge Cup, Netherlands Competitor, Team USA
  • Luana Stein: 2022 ISU Egna Spring Trophy, Italy Competitor, Team USA
  • Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, and Junior Sectional Champions

More Information

For more information, contact:

Anaheim ICE Program Office
714.535.7465 ext. “0”

Anaheim ICE Skating Manager – Chris Pottenger

The Rinks Figure Skating Director – Alex Chang