Private lessons may be taught on stick time and public session depending on our general admission demands and availability.  Sticks are not allowed on public sessions.  Maximum number of students per lesson is two (2). Reservations are not needed for lessons taught on public sessions.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in loss of coaching privileges.

  • STAFF PRO FEE (includes Rinks, Jr Ducks, Lady Ducks, OCHC, ADHSHL coaches):    $25 per day
  • GUEST PRO FEE (all others must be approved by GM or Director of Hockey):            $30 per day

If coaching in multiple rinks in one day, pro fees must be paid at each facility.  Weekly rates are not currently available.


Reservations for private hockey coaching must be made by clicking the RESERVATION button or emailing

  • Note: All private instructor coaches must create a Rinks customer account to begin.
  • Reservation window will close on Wednesdays at noon.
  • The Program Office will fill in the practice time slots based on 'first come, first serve' in order of emails received.
  • Anaheim ICE Program Office will email out the private coaching stick time schedule with specific assignments for the following week on Thursdays at noon.
    • Emailing reservation requests does not guarantee a reservation.  Spots are not confirmed until Thursdays when the schedule is released.
  • No reservations are needed for lessons taught on public sessions.  (Sticks are not allowed.)
Check-In Procedure
  • All coaches must pay their pro fee PRIOR to going on the ice.
  • Admission for students:  $18
    • All skaters must pay in full and sign in at the front desk PRIOR to taking the ice. 
    • Stickers must be worn for session.  
  • All skaters must create a Max Galaxy account, either online or in person when they arrive. 
Additional Information
  • There will be 6 zones, not 8, and 1 zone will be designated as only public use for each session.
  • We do NOT provide cones or pucks for coaches.  Pucks are provided for the public zone, but any equipment for private lessons is to be provided by the individual coach.
  • Please do not inquire about additional stick times on days that are not on the stick time schedule.  All available sessions will be booked and added as they're made available.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in loss of coaching privileges.