The Rinks & Great Park Ice Skaters Bring Home Four Medals from U.S. Novice Nationals

The Rinks and Great Park Ice are thrilled to congratulate our FOUR US Novice National Medalists at the 2021 US Championship Series!  Congratulations to Soho Lee (Novice Ladies Silver), Nicole Park (Novice Ladies Bronze), Sonia Baram & Blake Edwards (Novice Pairs Silver), and Ellie Korytek & Allan Fisher (Novice Pairs Bronze)!! 

Additional congratulations to our top 10 finishers in the US: Sonja Wang (Novice Ladies 7th), Lindsay Mattenson (Novice Ladies 8th), Tao MacRae (Novice Men 5th), and Allan Fisher (Novice Men 8th).  The top 30 Novice Ladies and top 20 Novice Men qualified for the US National High Performance Development Team, including Katie Anderson (Novice Ladies 19th). Congratulations to all our Novice competitors on demonstrating resilience, excellence, and sportsmanship. The future looks bright at The Rinks and Great Park Ice with US National Medals across ALL levels of development - including Senior, Junior and now Novice! 

Due to the pandemic, the US Championships were divided into three segments by level this season.  

  • The first segment (for Junior and Senior skaters) was held Jan 11 – 21. The Rinks and Great Park Ice earned the MOST Senior Medals in the entire country at the 2021 US Championships (Men’s Gold, Men’s Pewter, Pairs Gold, & Pairs Silver) as well as the Junior Ladies Silver.  
  • The second segment (for Novice skaters) was held through Feb 14 with results being released this week. The Rinks and Great Park Ice earned 4 medals (2 in ladies and 2 in pairs) as well as captured 4 of the top 10 placements in Ladies (2nd, 3rd, 7th, and 8th), 2 of the top 10 Placements in Men (5th and 8th), and 2 in Pairs (2nd and 3rd).  
  • The third segment (for Juvenile and Intermediate skaters) continues through March 14 with results being release in the end of March. This year, the Juvenile and Intermediate entries are combined into one pool then separated for evaluations into three age brackets for girls (10 & under, 11-13, and 14 & over) and two age bracket for boys (13 & under and 14 & over).  

We look forward to viewing the results of the third segment later this month and best wishes to our skaters competing in this series right now!  

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For further information on the Novice Event and to watch the top 4 finishers’ performances, click here: 2021 U.S. Championship Series presented by Toyota (Novice, Intermediate, Juvenile) | Competition Central - U.S. Figure Skating Fan Zone 

Novice Ladies Results 

Novice Pairs Results 

Novice Men Results