Class Curriculum

Hockey 1 (Prerequisite – None)

  • March forward, then glide on two feet
  • Forward swizzles (6 in a row)
  • V-Start
  • Forward one-foot pushes
  • Beginning snowplow stop, in place (right and left)

Hockey 2 (Prerequisite – Hockey 1)

  • Forward crossovers (clockwise and counterclockwise)
  • Forward strides using 45 degree V-Push, focus on good recovery and alternating arm drive
  • Crossover starts
  • Backward skating
  • Moving forward snowplow stop (right and left)

Hockey 3 (Prerequisite – Hockey 2)

  • Backward one-foot glides (right and left, 2 seconds)
  • Backward crossovers (clockwise and counterclockwise)
  • One-foot edge turning
  • Pivot turns
  • Hockey stops

Balance Training for Hockey (Prerequisite – none)

  • Balance
  • Power
  • Lateral movements
  • Full extension pushes
  • Core strength

Balance training is an off-ice class designed to improve a hockey players ability to coordinate movement while maintaining balance on the ice.  Learning to engage the deeper inner core muscles increases power and maneuverability. 


More Information

For more information, contact:

Anaheim ICE Skating Manager – Christopher Pottenger

Anaheim ICE Program Office
714.535.7465 ext. “0”