Players & Skater of the Month

Skater of the Month

Loretta Beaumont is a sewing enthusiast, a nationally recognized elementary school teacher, and a figure skater. Over the past twenty years Loretta has battled Cardiomyopathy, a condition that placed her in the hospital many times and even put her into a cardiac arrest. Loretta was a recipient of a new heart. Today, Loretta is fully recovered from her heart transplant surgery and skates regularly at The Rinks - Anaheim ICE. Loretta is so dedicated to the sport of skating that after she recovered from cardiac arrest, she joked with her nurse, “what is this going to do to my skating career?” That nurse, unknown to Loretta, was the test chair for Glacier Falls Figure Skating Club and the mother of a skater.

Adult Player of the Month

Cassandra has been the captain of Deez Pucks for 3 seasons now.  When asked about her favorite part of playing at The Rinks, her response focused on the friendships that are part of the team saying “I am grateful for hockey because without it, I doubt I would have gotten to meet these awesome people”.  Congrats Cassandra!